Thursday, October 25, 2018


As we get older we tend to take for granted certain privileges that we had when we were younger.   Such as the ability to eat chicken nuggets and nap in the middle of the day... I wish I could have a nap time every day!   Another thing we tend to lose touch with as we get older is the ability to play.   We so easily get weighed down with responsibilities.  We have to study, work, pay bills, we're trying to keep up with social engagements, stay healthy and possibly get married and start a family and then all of the NEW responsibilities with that.  

I personally think that one of the greatest gifts God gives us to keep us feeling young and fun is to give us children.   I've always been a very playful person but since having children it's been so fun to tap back into my imagination and go on adventures with them.  We get to go slay dragons, and fly to the moon at bed time in our stories.  I color with my daughter and have started playing pokemon with my son.  I'm not going to lie, sometimes I'm so preoccupied with what I have going on with work or catching up on my own stuff that when the kids ask me to play with them I don't always feel like it.   Sometimes, I have to tell them to give me a few minutes to finish up what I'm doing and then I go join them.  But, it's so important to make sure you give your children uninterrupted, valuable time.   Not gifts, not the latest fashion or latest video game- just time.   Time is irreplaceable and these memories and the feeling of safety, comfort and fun is so important for the development of these children.  To read an article regarding the emotional and mental development of children and the role and value of one on one time Click Here.

Even as your children get older not only are you trying to juggle your own schedule but their schedule and MAN it can get overwhelming!   Between work, school, school events, school meetings, football, cheer or whatever activities they have, playdates etc the calendar gets crazy. It's so important to make sure you take time and teach children to balance their time.  To know as busy as they are it's important for them to recenter and spend time relaxing and rejuvenating to prepare for their best performance in the busy times.   I personally believe another obligation of ours as parents is to preserve our children innocence and playfulness as much as we can!  These babies are growing up TOO fast these days!   The things my children are learning and coming back talking to me about after school is stuff I didn't even know about  until I was MUCH older.   One simple thing I've added to our morning routine is tag.  

I wrote a blog a little while ago about our morning routine and how I try to make sure to start the kids days in the most positive way and send them off to school feeling balanced and prepared.   Ive since added playing tag!  Every morning while we go outside and wait for the bus we play tag in the driveway.  Obviously this might not work for everyone if you're at work or if you're having to wait at busy bus stops with your kids. If that doesn't work for you I urge you to find another time or way to play with your kids.  But, I  value my time to be able to go outside and play with the kids.  We run around, it keeps them warm and we play tag right up until they get on the bus- it usually makes the bus driver laugh too.

I guess to summarize this blog I just want to urge you to not get so overwhelmed with the schedule and responsibilities that you forget to play.  Enjoy!  Have fun!  Whether you have kids or not, you deserve to unwind and just enjoy life and the simple pleasures.  

Stay blessed!  

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