Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hello! My Eclectic Life.

Hi there all!
My name is Misty Lockheart- I'm pretty new to blogging but thought I would start just to write about all of my little adventures.  I am a mother to two, I love to be involved in charity, reviewing products, trying new recipes, life hacks and tricks, reading, work, wellness, food and traveling!  I do modeling, acting, photography, make up, live on a farm and love playing in my garden as well as jetting off and exploring new places in the world with my family.   I hope to write about all my various adventures in a way that will inspire, encourage and maybe offer some entertainment!  

If you would like to see some of my modeling and acting work please feel free to visit my site:  Or find me on social media, I would love to connect with all of you!
Photo Credit: Timberwolf West Photography

Thank you all so much! 

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